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Friday, August 10, 2007


Everything is running smoothly for the time being. I must admit that sounds strange since I have posted in a few days again but since everything is running too smoothly I really don't have anything to rant nor rave about. Which in a way seems a little depressing. Right now I have decided to make the move to one blog since blog up keep is a little difficult for me with all my blog hopping and personal writing goals. So when I have finally decided what is going on I will let everyone know. Oh, the ever changing mind of a tried writer.

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Friday, August 03, 2007

Object of Desire

When Sylvia sees her new upstairs neighbour doing Tai Chi in the communal garden of their apartment building, she immediately knows she wants to do far more than borrow a cup of sugar from him. Nathaniel Gowen is everything she wants in a man and more—handsome, sexy, mature and mysterious—and she’s trying desperately to think of a casual way to introduce herself to the man who haunts her erotic dreams and fantasies.

But then one day, he comes knocking at her door…

Read an excerpt

Buy from Total-E-Bound

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fun with change

Yup, I am changing this blog around abit - and have days set aside for certain stuff and more than likely switch the title of the blog yet again. I like change and I also dread it - but I find when I am in control of it then it is all good. I am going to add some more links, do a few promos and etc. I am debating about making mondays for sites I have checked out in the previous week and think is worthy of others to see. Fridays will be put aside for promoting and well I will pop in every so often in between.

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Candy Kisses

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Candy Kisses is a twisted fairytale that mirrors the original "Little Red Riding Hood". Red is taking candy to grandma but she won't quit eating them! Her mother warned her. Now she is faced with the titillating consequences.

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Visit to purchase this Twisted Fairytale by Kissa Starling.

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And now for something a little different

Beneath and Beyond


Debbie Mumford

Archaeologist Erin Carstedter is a no-nonsense kind of gal. Her colleagues know, if she can’t examine it with a microscope or define it by scientific method, it doesn’t exist. Erin’s beliefs are about to be tested by the most exciting archaeological find of this (or any other) century. A ruin has been discovered beneath the polar ice cap some fifty miles north of Alert, Canada. What Erin and her colleague, Dr. Matt Davidson, discover in those icy depths will challenge her thinking…and change the world forever.

Publisher: Lavender Isis Press

Genre: Science Fiction / Fantasy

Format: eStory (23 pages)

Buy Beneath and Beyond here!

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Now a message from Romance Divas

Not going to Nationals? Don't worry...Romance Divas is doing the next best thing!

Romance Divas announces the first annual "Not Going to Nationals Cyber Conference" from July 11-15, righton the forum. Best of all, it's FREE!

Just register for Romance Divas--membership is free, you just need to sign up! if you have trouble with registration email night.diva.maria (at) gmail (dot) com

There will be workshops, Q&As, and giveaways each day. All you have to do is participate!!!!


July 11:
Workshop: PC Cast and Kristin Cast (topic TBA)
Q&A: Erotic romance with Portia da Costa and Madelynne Ellis

July 12:
Workshop: Book Signing 101: Tips to Help Make your Signing a Success by Jackie Kessler
Q&A: Legal Issues for Writers by Amanda Brice

July 13:
Workshop: What to Expect After You Sign the Contract by Marley Gibson
Q&A: TBA (either with an agent from the Larsen-Pomada Agency or a panel on multi-cultural romance)

July 14:
Workshop: Sasha White (topic TBA)
Q&A: How To Write Both YA and Adult Romance by Berta Platas

July 15:
Workshop: Trim That Fatty Writing! by Rhonda Stapleton>
Q&A: TBA (either with an agent from the Larsen-Pomada Agency or a panel on multi-cultural romance)

We also have loads of great giveaways, including books, critiques, coaching, and more!

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I have seen the light and it burns

Ok, I know that I have been a very bad girl and haven't posted in like forever but once again my life hasn't gone as planned. I am offically a vampire or at least a creature of the night I work until the wee hours in the morning on my writing and I found out the hard way that I do have an allergy and it is to sunlight of all things. Seriously I can just run from the car to the store and if the sun is out two hours later my exposed skin is red, itchy and burning. Sounds like your common household sun burn right? Except it takes me five minutes and I need medication to heal. If I don't take the medication the burn breaks open and starts to bleed it is not a pretty picture. Anyway onto more important news I know how to copy and paste here once again *yeah*.

Starting tonight this blog will become strictly for promos and the other such fun stuff. I am using my word press blog as my main personal blog so all upsets and so forth will be there- tons of fun like normal.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Simple pleasures and agonies

I have too many thoughts swirling through my mind, almost like a raging wind storm leaving just hints and fragment in its wake. Sigh, have you ever had one of those days when idea after idea just pounds at your mind until you think you couldn't possibly handle anymore. Well that has been how my day - no week has been going.

Prayers go unanswered; sighs go unheard - Why, oh why do I get such strange one liners float through my cluttered mind. Teasing me with a possible idea or story line to come. Or how about, Love, Lust and other torments for a possible book title? Really, could it get any worst? And then it hits, almost painfully much worse than I thought possible. The idea isn't a romance, nor is it even an erotica horror of horrors it is a tale of unrequited love.

Of all the ideas to float to the surface, it had to be this. Should I even attempt to write it? I have a few stories on the go already, mostly for pleasure but at least I can attempt to have those published. But a tale of unrequited love!? I don't believe that there is a market for it, and I am not overly surprised by this fact since even to me it is terribly depressing.

There is just so much hunger and desire in the characters that are calling to me that I don't think that I can ignore them. Lovely, now I feel like I might need to visit a doctor who will make me lie down on a leather couch and ask me what is wrong.

But never fear the title is a completely different story idea that is a hellva lot more up beat. I do beleieve that I like to give myself heavy work loads, i don't have to write as much as I do since I am not published and not fighting to be (as of yet). Mind you I wouldn't mind being published, who wouldn't? But for now I like writing for the sake of writing, for my own enjoyment it is my little simple pleasure.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentine's Day Story

For more exciting free reads got to Romance Divas E Book Challenge
for a complete listing.

Due to content in the story this story is not for those under eighteen.

Lesson in Seduction

"I see that you have returned from your trip to London."

Turning at the words, Katherine could only nod surprised to find her husband home. At this time in the evening he would be on the way to his club to drink and play cards with the other men of the ton. Followed by a quick visit to their mistresses, even though Maddie had told her that Edward had not visited her in almost a year she didn't believe her. How could she believe her? Everything about Maddie was so different, so exotic and sexual compared to her. From all that she had learned that day she wondered if she could do what she truly longed to do.

"Is something amiss, Edward?" Handing her coat and gloves to the waiting maid, Katherine folded her hands in the folds of her gown.

"No, everything is fine. I have decided to stay in this evening with my wife." Edward replied with a faint smile as he gazed at his wife knowing perfectly well where she had been. Even though Maddie was no longer his mistress, he liked to think of her as a friend. Perhaps he was considered strange by some of his peers for the way he thought. Being raised by his parents whom loved and admired each other he was brought up with different beliefs.

"Shall I be expecting you this evening?" Twisting her hands into the folds of her gown, Katherine was afraid to hope that he would come to her rooms this evening.

"Your maid is already preparing a bath for you."

Fighting the urge to stomp her foot in frustration, Katherine watched as Edward turned and walked back into his study before she went to her rooms. Allowing her maid to undress her before she stepped into the rub, Katherine waved her away wanting some time to herself to think of what she had learned that day.

As images of entwined bodies that she had seen that day flooded her mind, she whimpered as she slid further into the tub. Feeling her nipples tighten in response she closed her eyes, sliding a hand down her belly to settle just above her curls where she was aching. Fighting the urge to slid her hand even further she reached for the cloth to wash herself. Finding it not within reach she sat up and turned around to see if it had fallen.

"Looking for this."

Reaching to take the cloth from Edward's fingers, she gasped as he pulled it out of reach and shook his head. Confused by what he was doing, Katherine was about to ask him what he was doing when she realized that he was completely nude and quite aroused. Turning around and sliding down into the tub again, Katherine knew that she was blushing but it was the first time that she had ever seen her husband naked. When he came to her rooms he always only had one lone candle lit that he would leave burning across the room on the fireplace mantle.

Hearing Edward chuckle she was more than tempted to turn around and see what he found so funny when he kneeled down on the floor beside the tub. Growing more confused then before, she waited to see what he would do as her curiousity began to grow. She gasped as he dipped the cloth into the water and began to bathe her. She couldn't help but sigh as he ran the warm, wet cloth down one breast and and her belly before he raised one leg out of the water with his free hand and ran the cloth down the length of it before he dropped the cloth into the tub. as he lowered her leg down she couldn't help herself.

"Why are you here? I was not expecting you until later."

"I must admit that I could not wait that long."

Surprised at his answer, Katherine was about to ask why when she felt his hand slid down her belly into the soapy water, brushing past the curls and rubbing her wet flesh. Arching her back to grant him better access she sighed at the foriegn pleasure causing him to continue until she was leaning out of the tub and clutching at him as she reached her peak, whimpering against his shoulder. He muttered something hoarsely under his breath as he moved his hand and stood up.

"I knew where you were today."

As if his words broke the spell that she was being lured under, Katherine sat up in the tub wondering how he knew. Her first thought was quickly replaced by her wondering what he thought about her having gone to his mistress to learn how to please him.

"I should have realized that you had desires as well. Foolishly I had assumed that you only welcomed me to your bed because it was my right as your husband."

"Oh, Edward." Realizing that he didn't know everything, Katherine stood up laughing as Edward picked her up and carried her to the bed across the room. Running her fingers down his face as she gazed at him wondering what else about this man whom was her husband was unknown to her.

"That was not the reason why I went to Maddie's."

"It was not?"

"I went there to learn how to please you, to seduce you."

Surprised by her words, Edward searched her face for any clues to see if she was lying and as she continued to gaze up at him he knew that she wasn't. Groaning he rolled over until she was lying on top of him giggling at his reaction she stopped when she realized that if she moved just a little lower she could be astride him as she had once seen that day.

Without saying anything she raised herself so that she was still straddling him but was now just above the length of his erect cock. Watching his blue eyes grow wide for a moment before he licked his lips, she smiled as she realized that she still might be able to please him. She continued to gaze deep into his eyes, as she lowered herself a little bit more not yet touching but close enough that he could feel the heat of her. He licked his lips again as he realized that she was no longer his sweet but navie wife, instead she was woman with an insatiable curiousity wanting to please him.

Biting her lip she took a deep, shaky breath and finally slid down the length of him pausing for a moment as she got used to the exotic sensation. Sighing in pleasure at the sharp gasped that escaped his lips, she closed her eyes and slowly began to move up and down the length of him. Opening her eyes as she felt him grab her hips, helping her guide her into a faster and harder rhythme that caused her to whimper as he bite his lip trying to mute the groan as he finally shuddered beneath her.

"Where are you going?"

Startled at his question as she rolled off him, Katherine blushed as she allowed her gaze to roam over him.

"I just assumed that we were finished."

"We are not done yet?"

Chuckling at Katherine's surprised expression he sat up and pulled her to him again bringing his lips to hers in a deep kiss that brought a sigh from her as he finally broke the kiss to catch a breath. "You might have gone to Maddie's to learn how to seduce but there is so much more that I am more than willing to teach you."


"Yes and the first thing I am going to do is to completely and utterly seduce you with your permission." Edward replied with a wicked glint in his blue eyes even as he began to push her down onto the bed. Feeling quite pleased by how things how turned out, better than she had ever imagined she could only nod her head in reponse as he set out to seduce her and so much more.

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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Valentine's Day and other stuff

I know that I don't have much of life - sad but true. My basic day is waking up, eating something, half an hour of excerising followed by a shower and getting dressed. Then I do dishes and write until dinner time. After diner I do dishes maybe watch an hour or two of tv and go back on the computer and that is my life story.

Ok now that I have gotten that off my chest I can't help but wonder what life would be like if I was normal and not classified as disabled. Perhaps I would have a career or be dating a good man or even married with a little one or two *sigh*. I guess it just isn't for me but it is times like these when the 35 mph winds are blowing around the building and I can't get out except to see my surgeon or doctor or once a month grocery shopping I kind of get depressed or moody.

Onto some nice stuff since I don't have a sweet heart *probably never will* and I am doing the Romance Divas E-book challenge I will have a short story posted here with a list of links to other blogs/websites with other Divas free stories to read. So if you don't have a sweet heart and that box of chocolates looks just too good but will ruin you diet that has actually been working. Resist the chocolate and pull up a chair instead with a mug of hot chocolate with whipped (a lot less calories than a box of chocolate) or a cup of tea and enjoy.

After I post the story and links I will not post for another week or so to let others read or look at the story without having to search for it.

Until later

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